Hitting the Scene in 2011, Trendz and Traditionz boutique opened with the goal of celebrating the diversity and commonalities of culture. Promoting the best quality South Asian attire by supporting famous brands like Sana Safinaz, AsimJofa and Maria.B, Trendz and Traditionz offers both traditional and modern wears for the whole family. It is our pride to bring various cultures to life through fashion, jewelry, home décor, and antiques from all over the world.

At Trendz and Traditionz, we are pleased to bring the very best to our customers, from our signature in-store alterations to our highly friendly service. We consider it our great privilege to help bridge the gap between cultures while keeping our customers feeling right at home.


Here at Trendz and Traditionz, we strive to promote the acceptance of all cultures. With garments, jewelry, home décor, and antiques from all over the world, there is something here for everyone.


Trendz and Traditionz plays a huge role in the Tucson community. The boutique also hosts multi-cultural festivals and other events with the goal of bringing people together and dedicating a space for people to bring donations for refugees and other groups in need.

Customer Service

We love to make customers feel at home in Trendz and Traditionz. Our staff is happy to explain where a product is from, and keep you company while you browse.

Additionally, we have a wonderful tailor in shop who can take your measurements right away and have the alterations done in no time.

Prices for everyone

Trendz and Traditionz strives to make multicultural clothing accessible to everyone. We have clothing for women, men, and children all in a varying price range.

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